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IP65 Waterproof Data Concentrator Unit AMI RF Gateway WFET-7000E/S

Place of Origin:Changsha, Hunan
Brand Name:Willfar Information Techonology Co., Ltd.
Model Number:WFET-7000E/S
Minimum Order Quantity :100
Packaging Details :Carton Packaging
Delivery Time :30 days
Payment Terms :T/T
Supply Ability :2000 per day (based on the number of the order)
Detail Information
Power Input Options:DC 12V+/-2V, With External AC/DC Adapter Power InputBrand:Willfar Information
Level Of Protection:IP65Limit Operating Temperature:-10 ~ +85°C/ -40 ~ +85°C
Humidity:10 To 90%, Non-condensingInstallation:Support Wall And Pole Installation
Data Rate:50-300kbps

High Light:

remote data concentrator ,

rf gateway

Product Description

- The Willfar WFET-7000E/S RF Gateway complies with the Wi-SUN FAN specification which is defined by Wi-SUN Alliance™ to provide FAN wireless connectivity. Through its ISM sub-GHz radio, a wide variety of Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints that require low power operation or long range transmission distances can now be connected and located more economically than ever before.

- WFET-700E/S RF Gateway enables AMI/IoT implementations mandating low data rates over long-distance connectivity. The gateway is an IP65-grade outdoor product with pole installation.

- Wi-SUN communication technology has the characteristics of long-distance transmission, security, high scalability, interoperability, and low power consumption. It is widely used in the field of AMI smart meter reading.

Technical Parameters
ConnectivityWAN: GPRS/3G/4G LTE/Ethernet, FAN: Wi-SUN RF Mesh                                        Port 1: 10/100 Base-T port to/from WAN client devices                                        Port 2: WiFi/USB/RS232 for maintenance
Clock SynchSynched via NTP over WAN, provide clock to all FAN devices
Network ProtocolWAN & FAN communication: DLMS/COSEM                                        Network protocol: Ipv6, SNMP v2, IPsec VPN, Telnet
SecurityTerminal cover Open Detect;                                        SHA-256,RSA-1024 or ECC-256, AES256; DLMS GB8 Suite 0
FirmwareOver The Air upgradable
Ethernet1xRJ45 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet (RJ-45)
RF antenna connectors1* Wi-SUN RF antennas, IP65, Omnidirectional antenna                                        1*GPRS/3G/4G antennas, IP65, Omnidirectional antenna
FAN Performance
Receiver SensitivityUp to -110dBm@50kbps
Data Rate50-300kbps
Conducted Output PowerUp to 500 Mw(27dBm) / 1000Mw(30dBm)
Power, Physical & Environmental
Power Input OptionsDC 12V+/-2V, with external AC/DC Adapter power input
Battery CapacityBackup >8hours, Option Type for Normal and Wide temperature range
IP RatingOutdoor, IP65
Enclosure MaterialUse high insulation, flame retardant, UV-resistant environmentally friendly materials
Limit Operating Temperature Range-10 ~ +85°C, Normal temperature Product version                                        -40 ~ +85°C, Wide temperature Product version
Operating Humidity10 to 90%, non-condensing
InstallationSupport wall and pole Installation

1. Manages up to 100,000 IoT devices, and up to 1,000 smart meters for AMI implementation.

2. Supports the regional frequency profile defined for Wi-SUN Alliance such as CHINA 470-510MHZ, EU 863-870 MHz, India 865-867 MHz, US 902-928 MHz, Australia 915-928 MHz etc.

3. Standards-based FAN, protocol such as IPv6. 6LoWPAN, support for all IP traffic over radio Mesh networks, Comply IEEE 802.15.4g/e and IEEE 802.11i security.

4. Supports open protocol DLMS/COSEM.

5. Rich Interface options: provides RF Mesh, IP backhauls, such as Gigabit Ethernet, 4G/LTE, and Wi-Fi.

RF Mesh Technique

1. According to Wi-SUN FAN specification allows seamless interconnections between smart-grid devices produced by different suppliers.

2. Wi-SUN based wireless equipment operates in frequency bands below 1GHz, even in the presence of interference and some types of obstacles.

3. A big advantage of Sub-GHz wireless communications is that it can be implemented with extremely low levels of power consumption compared with other wireless communications. Wi-SUN wireless adopts the IEEE802.15.4g standard for physical layers, and can maintain communications even in environments that have over 1000 nodes. Its MAC layer conforms to IEEE802.15.4e.

4. It achieves improvements in throughput and security compared to wireless networks based just on IEEE802.15.4.

5. It has long-distance transmission and low power consumption to meet the demand of smart grid and IoT market

6. It supports IPv6, effectively improving interoperability and security in IoT applications Willfar’s wireless RF mesh architecture offers utilities a cost effective and simplified path towards upgrading field communications to enable more demanding utility field automation applications.