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Compact Design Data Concentrator Unit AMI Data Collecting DC200

Place of Origin:Changsha, Hunan
Brand Name:Willfar Information Techonology Co., Ltd.
Model Number:DC200
Minimum Order Quantity :100
Packaging Details :Carton Packaging
Delivery Time :30 days
Payment Terms :T/T
Supply Ability :2000 per day (based on the number of the order)
Detail Information
Nominal Voltage:220VBrand:Willfar Information
Insulation Protection:Class IIOperating Temperature:-40 °C ~ + 70 °C
Relative Humidity:≤95%, Non-condensingIngress Protection:IP51
Voltage Range:70% ~ 130% Un

High Light:

data concentration unit ,

remote data concentrator

Product Description

- The collector DC200 installed between DCU and water/electric meters.

- The collector DC200 links with DCU platform through PLC network. While it communicates with electricity meters through local RS485 technology and water meter via RF LoRa technology.

- The DCU serves as the main node in the PLC network, and DC200 are sub nodes. Main node is responsible for managing the network, including sub node registration, network path optimization, etc.

- Sub nodes receive commands from main node and make response to main node through power line network.


Technical Parameters
Nominal Voltage220V
Voltage Range70% ~ 130% Un
G3PLC/BPLCG3PLC:32KHz~487KHz                                        BPLC:2MHz~6MHz
                                         RS485 InterfaceBaud rate:9600bps,Data bits:8,Parity:none,Stop bits:1,support                                        up to 32 meters
RF LoRa InterfaceFrequency:433.4MHz-453.8MHz                                        Baud rate:5.5Kbps
Limit Operating Temprature-40 °C ~ + 70 °C
Relative Humidity≤95%, non-condensing
Ingress ProtectionIP51
Insulation ProtectionClass II
Apparent Power≤5VA
Active Power≤3W
Dimension W × H × D mm200 × 50 × 90
1. LED Indication

DC200 is composed of five LED lights:

POWER: Power on indication, always on

RUN: Running indication, the frequency of blink is 2.5Hz

UP_TX: blink when send data to uplink network

UP_RX: blink when receive data from uplink network

DN_TX/RX: blink when send /receive data from downlink network

(Note: Uplink: G3-PLC/BPLC/Wi-SUN RF Mesh/G3, WIFI; Downlink: RS485 / RF-P2P connect to electricity meter, LoRa connect to water meter)  

2. RS485 Communication interface

It is suggested that the voltage between RS485 A and RS485 B should be measured every time a meter is installed. It should not be zero or negative. RS485 line length should not be exceed 1000m.  

3. LoRa Communication interface

DC200 has two frequency of LoRa, one is fixed for wake up the water meter, the other one is unfixed for data notification and reading meter data.  

4. RF P2P Communication interface

    DC200 support the point to point RF star network downlink communication.  

5. WiFi Communication interface

There is one WiFi function for debug and setting/reading its parameters via AT commands, including electricity/water meter archive.