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Residential Use Power Monitoring Device Low Voltage Faulty Sensor LTU-21

Place of Origin:Changsha, Hunan
Brand Name:Willfar Information Techonology Co., Ltd.
Certification:DLT 645-2007
Model Number:LTU-21
Minimum Order Quantity :100
Packaging Details :Carton Packaging
Delivery Time :30days
Payment Terms :T/T
Supply Ability :2000 per day (based on the number of the order)
Detail Information
Nominal Voltage:220VMeasurement Accurac:-20%~+20%
Normal Operating Voltage:0.9Un~1.1UnMaximum Operating Voltage:0.7Un~1.3Un
Interface No. Remote Communication:2Rated Voltage UN:220V
High Light:

fault indicator ,

faulty sensor

Product Description

Power Monitoring Device Low Voltage Faulty Sensor LTU-21

Technical Parameters
Nominal Voltage220V
Measurement Accuracy-20%~+20%
Normal Operating Voltage0.9Un~1.1Un
Maximum Operating Voltage220V
NoteConnect L (hot line) and N (zero line) for power supply
- Uplink communication:

(1) The uplink communication protocol:

DLT 645-2007 Multi-function Watt-hour Meter Communication Protocol.

(2) Transmission channel between the local uplink communication module and the intelligent equipment in the station area can choose HPLC or dual-mode HPLC+RF; communication interface to meet the interface requirements of the local communication module of State Grid and Southern Power Grid, and support the pluggable design.

- Downlink meter reading:

(1) The downlink meter reading communication protocol supports DL/T 645-1997 multi-function watt-hour meter communication protocol, DL/T 645-2007 multi-function watt-hour meter communication protocol, DL/T 698.45-201X object-oriented data exchange protocol.

(2) Downlink meter reading suggests maximum 36 watt-hour meter connected.

- Incident reporting:

Detect events such as three-phase overvoltage, undervoltage, lack of phase, power shutdown, three-phase overcurrent, three-phase overload, short-circuit fault, etc., being reported instantly after the event occurs.

- Fault detection and indication.

1) Fault detection and indication, including three-phase short circuit, two-phase short circuit, grounding, over-current, loss of voltage fault detection and reporting functions; 2) It has the function of fault recording and is turned off by default.

- AC sampling and metering.

1) it has analog acquisition functions such as three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power and reactive power; the accuracy of active electric energy measurement≧level 1, and the accuracy of reactive energy measurement≧level 1.

2) Optional leakage current collection function, rated leakage current is 1A;

3) Provide data such as forward and backward active power, forward and backward reactive power, four-quadrant reactive power, maximum demand, rate electricity, three-phase voltage, current, power, total and split-phase power factor and grid frequency, harmonic content of 221 times voltage and current, holdup, distortion rate, etc.

- Remote signal access.

(1) 2 remote signal interfaces and supports access to the remote signal switch to detect the status of the remote signal switch.

- Backup power supply.

(1) Super capacitance is used as the backup battery and is applied internally. When the main power supply fails, the super capacitance can be put into operation automatically and seamlessly, the uplink communication module is able to work normally for at least 3 minutes. (2) Working power supply is isolated from the sampling voltage separately, and the working power supply is connected in front of the switch.

- Software upgrade:

Support remote and local USB upgrades.

- Display:

Intelligent low voltage fault sensor indicator: with power, operation, metering, abnormal alarm, RS485I, RS485II, fault indication; each indicator flicker or color change indicates the current different state, visual friendly.

- Topology recognition function:

By collecting the amount of relevant characteristic data on the line and freezing specific data identification, and cooperating with the intelligent equipment in the station area to realize the visual management and monitoring of the power supply network structure.

- Local maintenance function:

Local support for 485, carrier wave, Bluetooth and other multi-channel equipment maintenance.

- Prevent electricity theft:

By adding the residual current CT and software special processing, and cooperating with the data collected by the segmented lines of the main station, the line leakage point can be identified and located.