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Intelligent Power Monitoring Device Fault Indicator Fault Backtracking JYL-60

Place of Origin:Changsha, Hunan
Brand Name:Willfar Information Techonology Co., Ltd.
Certification:DL/T 721-2013
Model Number:JYL-60
Minimum Order Quantity :100
Packaging Details :Carton Packaging
Delivery Time :30 days
Payment Terms :T/T
Supply Ability :2000 per day (based on the number of the order)
Detail Information
Line Current:3kV~35kVLoad Current:0.5A~630A
Short-circuit Current:20kA/2sWire Diameter:8mm~41mm
Normal Operating Temperature:-40℃~+70℃Maximum Operating Temperature:-45℃~+75℃
Relative Humidity:10~100%Pressure:63.0kPa~108.0kPa
High Light:fault indicator ,

faulty sensor

Product Description

- Fault Indicator JYL-60 could help users (including commercial or personal users) to realize fault backtracking and support big data analysis.

- JYL-60 enables the users to intelligently manage and locate the incidents happening among power lines.

- The highlight function of JYL-60 is "Advance Alarming" to prevent disasters.

Technical Parameters
Acquisition unit: JYZ-60-C
System Voltage Range3kv to 35 kV
Operating Value Range2 to 630A
Maximum Fault Current20kA/2s
CT Charging Current≥10A
Metering Precision+/-3A when current < 100A                                                +/-3% when current ≥ 100A
Outer Diameter Clamping Range8 to 40 mm (0.31 to 1.61 in)
Fault Current Enduring Duration20~40ms
Switching On Response Time0.2s
Reset Time24 hours standard; (adjustable)
Flashing Hours≥2000 hours
Flipping Times3000
Operating Temperature Range- 40 ℃ to + 70 ℃
Power consumption≤40µA
IP Protection ClassIP67
Size147mm ×76 mm×76mm
EMCClass 4
Lifespan≥8  years
Uplink communication modeMicro power wireless
Wireless Communication Distance≥50 meters


collection unit :JYZ-60-H
Communication protocol with master stationIEC101 / IEC104
Uplink communication mode4G / R400-SUM
Downlink communication modeMicro power wireless
Power SupplySolar power supply (30 watt/17.6V)
Backup Power SupplyBattery 12V 12AH
Standby Power Consumption≤0.5watt
Operating Temperature Range- 40 ℃ to + 70 ℃ 
Operating Humidity10% ~ 98%
IP protection ClassIP55
Wireless Communication Distance≤ 50m
1. Local communication:

- The acquisition unit and the remote transmission collection unit on the line can communicate wirelessly, and the communication distance is more than 100 meters.

2.Ways to detect short circuit faults:

- The over-current catastrophe method: automatically tracks the load current without setting the operation parameters.

- The over-flow break method: can prevent the misoperation of reclosing inrush current and the sudden change of small current.

3. Detect grounding fault:

- Detect transient current at the moment of grounding and identify grounding fault.

4 Double CT structure:

- The electronic current transformer is used for measurement; the electromagnetic transformer is used for power collection, which increases the measurement accuracy and operation stability.

5. Three-phase time recording function:

- The synchronization progress of three-phase recording ≤50uS.

6. Zero-sequence current synthesis:

- The zero sequence current criterion is introduced into the grounding detection criterion to increase the accuracy of grounding detection.

7. Low battery voltage alarm.
8. Full-function 4A operation when battery free:

- For the data acquisition unit with battery failure, as long as the line current is greater than 4A, data acquisition unit will run with full function.

9. Bulk backup capacitance:

- When battery is full, the backup capacitance could maintain the full function data acquisition unit for 12 hours.

10. Auto-reset:

- 1min~48h optional for factory-setting, or intelligent restore (restore immediately after power supply resumed).

11. Hot-line handling:

- Not requiring special tools, standard insulated operating rods.

12. Display mode:

- LED light, flashing light.