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Three Phase Energy Efficiency Management Power Monitoring Device DTSD342-9N

Place of Origin:Changsha, Hunan
Brand Name:Willfar Information Techonology Co., Ltd.
Model Number:DTSD342-9N
Minimum Order Quantity :100
Packaging Details :Carton Packaging
Delivery Time :30 days
Payment Terms :T/T
Supply Ability :2000 per day (based on the number of the order)
Detail Information
Color:GreyMeasuring Range:10V~700V
Power Consumption:< 0.05VAAccuracy:RMS 0.2 %
Working Voltage:220VWorking Current:1.5(6)A
Communication Interface No.:4

High Light:

smart energy monitor ,

3 phase power monitor

Product Description

Three-phase Energy Distribution Management Monitor Device DTSD342-9N

Technical Parameters
Wiring ModeThree Phase 3 wires,Three Phase 4 wires, Single Phase


VoltageReference Voltage: Un:AC380V,AC220V,AC100V,AC57.7V
Range: 10V~700V
Power Consumption: < 0.05VA(Single Phase)
Accuracy: RMS 0.2 %
Resolution: 0.01V
CurrentNominal Current In: 0.3A,1A,1.5A,5A
Range: 0.001In ~ 10A
Power Consumption: < 0.05VA (single line nominal current)
Accuracy: RMS 0.2 %
Resolution: 0.001A
Accuracy: 0.5%或0.2%
Resolution: 0.001kW/kVar/kVA
Line FrequencyRange: 45 Hz~65 Hz
Accuracy: 0.2%
Resolution: 0.01 Hz
Harmonic WaveTime: 2~50 times
Accuracy: Class A
Resolution: 0.01 %
MeteringActive Electrical EnergyLevel of Accuracy: 0.5S/0.2S
Resolution: 0.01 kWh
Reactive Electrical EnergyLevel of Accuracy: Class II
Resolution: 0.01 kvarh

Digital Signal

Power Pulse Output2-line electric energy (active/reactive) Pulse Output

Switch Output
2-line electromagnetic relay output
Normally Open Type
Contact Rating: AC 250V /3A;DC 30V /3A
Switch Intput
4-line dry contact input
Analog Signal

Transducing (analog) Output

4-line transducing output
Current Output Type (4~20mA/0~20mA/0~24mA)
Voltage Output Type (0~5V/0~10V)
Accuracy: 0.5%
CommunicationRS-485 Communication Interface
Interface: 2-wire half duplex
Communication Rate: 600bps~38400bps
Protocol: Modbus-RTU, DL/T645
EnvironmentWorking Temperature-25℃~+60℃
Limit Working Temperature-35℃~+70℃
Relative Humidity95% (non-condensing)
OtherPower SupplyAC or DC
Maximum Input Range: 40V~420V
Power Consumption:1W,2VA
DimensionBoundary Dimension (mm):96×96×95
Hole size (mm):92×92
Weightaround 450g

- High precision: comprehensively measure power parameters, the accuracy of active power is Level 0.5s, the accuracy of reactive power is Level 2.

- High intelligence: multiple rate electric energy, monitor power quality parameters, including positive and negative zero sequence voltage, current, 2~50 times harmonic voltage and current data.

- Easy reading: large screen, high brightness liquid crystal display.

- Wide voltage: AC/DC adaptive operation, AC/DC input range: 40~420V.

- Multi-communication: 2-way 485 communication interface, 1-way Ethernet interface, supporting MODBUS-RTU, DL/T645-2007 and MODBUS-TCP protocols.

- Multi-interface: 4 switch inputs, 2 relay output, 4 analog transmission output (optional).

- High performance: dustproof and waterproof, nationally standardized double insulation, level 4 EMC anti-disturbance test, Class B level RF electromagnetic field interference.